The CEO of TBLC, New Zealand Meta Beauty Group: Looking forward to more collaboration opportunities

On June 25th, the Prime Minister of New Zealand arrived in Beijing to embark on a 6-day visit to China. Accompanying the Prime Minister was a 29-member business delegation, including representatives from the dairy, FMCG, tourism, education, and gaming creative industries, among others.

Louie, the CEO of TBLC New Zealand Meta Beauty Group, stated, "China is a valuable partner for New Zealand, serving as our largest trading partner and export destination and playing a crucial role in the economic recovery of New Zealand. New Zealand brands prioritize the protection of the natural environment, advancements in technology and innovation, and care for humanity. Our products maintain high quality while also considering aspects such as environmental sustainability, health, and safety. With deepening international cooperation, the effective combination of New Zealand's high-quality local resources and cutting-edge global biotechnology has opened up new opportunities for production and sales. The New Zealand Meta Beauty Group has been dedicated to global development, and during this visit, representatives from our group, along with our high-end skincare brand Snowberry, healthcare brand CtoMi, hair care brand Health Basics, and Only Good, will participate in various business exchange activities. We look forward to opportunities for collaboration between our two countries in areas such as authentic guarantee, healthcare and skincare technology, innovative sales platforms, and environmental protection."

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