The CEO of TBLC, New Zealand Meta Beauty Group: We Can Open the Market in China.

With 33 years of research and development experience, sales in over 20 countries worldwide... As representatives of the fast-moving consumer goods industry, the CEO of TBLC New Zealand Meta Beauty Group, the largest skincare and healthcare research and production group in New Zealand, along with other company representatives, brought their high-end skincare brand Snowberry, healthcare brand CtoMi, hair care brand Health Basics, and Only Good to China for business exchanges.

Focused on the skincare and healthcare industry, the multi-brand effect is evident.

With the development of the times and environmental changes, the pursuit of higher quality, safety, and reliable skincare experiences has become the mainstream trend, and branded "affordable luxury" has become the preferred choice. Snowberry, a subsidiary of TBLC New Zealand Meta Beauty Group, targets the global luxury skincare market. With its unique peptide extraction technology, rigorous quality control system, and effective clinical trial results, Snowberry meets the diverse needs of consumers' skin types and has won the favor of consumers worldwide. Snowberry's Blue Copper Peptide has gained attention among Chinese consumers and has become a sought-after skincare "treasure" for many people.

Health Basics, an established hair care brand from Australia and New Zealand with over 30 years of history, has gained popularity through its strength and has already entered the Chinese market in addition to New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, and the European and American markets. Its sister brand, Only Good, is dedicated to purity and naturalness, with no chemical additives, and adheres to the concept of environmental sustainability. Its products are 100% natural, eco-friendly, and recyclable, making it the preferred choice for quality-conscious households.

The sensitive skin population in China is large, and there is a rapid growth in demand for safe and effective skincare products. As a leading brand in the healthcare and functional skincare field in New Zealand, CtoMi advocates for the use of pure New Zealand ingredients with high purity and solid raw materials. Since its launch in China in 2014, it has gained consumer recognition through the effectiveness of its products and was honored as one of the top 10 most popular New Zealand imported brands on Tmall International in 2016.

High-quality resources from New Zealand provide endless motivation for the brand.

TBLC, the New Zealand Meta Beauty Group, focuses on representative New Zealand skincare and health products, combining high-quality local New Zealand ingredients with top global biotechnology, resulting in global core competitiveness. Louie, the CEO of TBLC, stated, "The mission of the Meta Beauty Group is to bring the beauty of New Zealand to the world. The development of the group depends on the protection of the natural environment, the advancement of technology and innovation, and the care for humanity. These positive factors inject powerful motivation into the Meta Beauty Group and enable the production of high-quality, environmentally friendly, healthy, and safe products."

During this visit, representatives of the Meta Beauty Group will participate in various business exchange activities in China to explore opportunities for cooperation between the two countries in terms of authentic guarantee, healthcare and skincare technologies, innovative sales platforms, environmental protection, and more. Facing the vast Chinese market, Louie stated that middle-class consumers not only focus on material aspects but also on spirituality. A brand targeting the middle class not only needs to change within the realm of consistency but also maintain consistency amidst changes. The middle class is a target group that all brands strive to capture and is the largest group that determines a brand's future. Through this opportunity, they hope to better create a healthy and beautiful life experience for Chinese consumers.

Top global biotechnology drives diverse sales experiences.

The New Zealand Meta Beauty Group has been committed to global development. Louie, the CEO of TBLC, said, "The Meta Beauty Group has 8 subsidiaries worldwide, with 3 research and production bases in New Zealand, top skincare research laboratories, and automated robotic production lines. In terms of research and development outsourcing, the Meta Beauty Group has collaborated with over 300 global brands to develop and produce high-quality skincare and healthcare products sourced from New Zealand."

Furthermore, Louie revealed that the headquarters of the New Zealand Meta Beauty Group in Auckland has established the first factory livestreaming and traceability base in New Zealand, called Beauty+. It not only provides a place for internet celebrities to livestream and trace products directly from the factory but also customizes internet celebrity products from the factory source. In terms of technological innovation, the Meta Beauty Group is also building a metaverse display and sales platform, which will be the world's first virtual platform where consumers can experience and purchase New Zealand skincare and healthcare products.

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